The Importance of Routine Dog Vaccinations

Vaccinating your dogs is as significant as vaccinating newborn babies. It protects them from diseases that could harm them in the future. Therefore, to ensure your dogs are in an appropriate health condition, giving them routine vaccinations is of crucial importance and should always be considered as a responsibility as a dog owner. Injecting these dog’s shots is painful but will save your dog’s life, not to mention you from possible hospital fees if your dogs get sick due to lack of vaccines.

How Do Dog Vaccinations Work?

Dog vaccinations work by stimulating their immune system, hence helping their body generate antibodies that will defend them from particular types of viruses and bacteria. These dog’s shots are little portions of a disease, and through injecting these vaccines prior to their exposure to a disease, their antibodies will respond to keep the disease from developing and harming the dogs. All that being said, it’s profoundly important to keep your dog’s shots up-to-date that will keep them from any illness down the road.

What Are the Types of Dog Vaccinations?

Dog’s vaccines have two types: Modified Live Vaccine and Killed Vaccine. A Modified Live Vaccine is a small fragment of a live disease. Even though it’s alive and people would usually think that it could infect dogs instead of vaccinating them, drug companies guarantee that this portion of a certain disease used as a vaccine will actually help dogs fight against the infection of the disease in the future. Unlike a Modified Live Vaccine, a Killed Vaccine is inoculated into dogs after the disease-causing viruses and bacteria have been killed.

image_07What Diseases Are Your Dogs Susceptible To?

There are a number of diseases your dogs are subject to, and some of them are reportedly very serious and fatal. For you to show them how huge their part in your life is, regular vaccinations should always be deemed as a high-level priority. Through giving them frequent shots, you keep them safe from detrimental and lethal diseases such as Parvovirus, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Coronavirus, Canine Infectious Hepatitis, and rabies.

Veterinarians vouch for the significance of vaccinations to keep dogs from diseases like mentioned above. As per what most vets say, it’s essential to begin giving shots to puppies at age of 6 weeks. Inoculations must resume when they reach their 8th week, and then another set of shots on their 12th week. The fourth and last round of initial vaccinations for puppies takes place when they turn 16 weeks old. After that, vaccinations may be performed annually. On the other hand, it is recommended to have your puppies inoculated for rabies as they turn their 6th month. You can get your puppies annual shots for rabies thereafter.

Many owners have this nagging question if routine vaccinations are harmful to their dogs. It is understood that you might get skeptical about giving your dogs repeated vaccinations because they’re part of your life and you love them as much as you love your loved ones. But there’s nothing you should worry about because, as experts say, there’s no any harmful thing will happen to your dogs upon taking vaccinations.

Prevention is always better than cure, and vaccinating your dogs is such a preventive means. Keep your dog’s shots up-to-date and allow them to enjoy their life with you, both as their master and family who really takes good care of them.