Know About a Few Mistakes That Can Happen During Office Refurbishment

Your new office arrangement can speak many things about your company, can raise your productivity and also the satisfaction of your staff and at the same time offering your customers and clients a certain arresting experience.

Unfortunately, your initial foresight may always not go well and quite often you may pick up a few ineffective planning despite your best intentions and also available resources. A few big mistakes can happen while refurbishing your office, which will be felt for a long time by both you as well as your staff members.

So, while working with GXI Group for the office refurbishment London,  you must note the following mistakes that you must avoid while refurbishing your office space.

  1. Refurbishing without any well-thought-out plan

Before you go for your refurbishing project for your office, you must a well chalked out plan in place. Rushing to refurbishing work will end up with an office that will not produce the desired results that you had expected from it.

2. Do not involve your employees

You must also involve your few key employees during the planning stage itself so that they can also offer a few practical suggestions. Your employee involvement will also motivate them and they will never complain.

3. Dysfunctional layout design

You should not impose your own ideas about the layout plan of your office. You must have a little collaborative attitude so that people working in your office can have their say. People working in a dysfunctional layout will soon feel suffocated and productivity will suffer a lot.

4. Taking up a DIY way rather than the contractor

Many people often take up a DIY route instead of involving a contractor during the renovation work to save a little money. Remember the experience of a professional company matters a lot and hence their involvement is necessary.

5. Insufficient lighting and airflow

Often people forget about lighting and airflow for the office space while they consider everything else under the sun. Proper lighting is very essential and so is the proper airflow. The efficiency of your employee will drastically reduce due to the absence of both these aspects.

6. Replicating some other office designs

Don’t just copy some other office, however impressive and modern it may be. You must look at your own style of working and the design of your building.  Choose the office design that suits the best for your own business and premise.

7. Ineffective budgeting

You must not forget about your budget while planning for the refurbishment of your office. No way your work should stop due to inadequate funding which can lead to a certain shortcut.

8. Failing to see your long-term business plans

While refurbishing your office, you must also consider your future expansion plan. You must have sufficient space to accommodate your additional new staff in case your business expands shortly.

9. Not looking at cost-saving opportunities

You can find several ways to keep the cost of renovation under control so that you can remain within your budget. So, you need to consult with many people and implement a few cost-effective design ideas.


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