4 Upgrades to Perk Up An Older Car

If you have an old car sitting in your driveway, consider making a few upgrades before getting rid of the vehicle. Old cars that are in perfect condition need only a few tweaks to make them like new. The following are a few upgrades that are sure to give your old vehicle a new lease on life.

Add Remote Start

Remote start is one feature that most drivers love about their newer models. This allows the driver to activate their car’s ignition before even entering the vehicle. Though you’ll need to install this system professionally, it typically is a $200 job. When searching for a system, keep your eye out for one with a long-range to make sure you can unlock or lock your car wherever you may be.

Upgrade to a Heads-Up Display

HUDs or heads-up displays show the navigation as a projected transparent image. Typically included in models like Mercedes-Benz and Audi, these HUDs show the directions in addition to information like your mileage, speed, and engine warnings. This is a helpful safety feature as it makes it possible for drivers to stay alert without ever having to take their eyes off the road. Interested in HUDs? They’re typically available between $100 – $300, depending on the functionalities the system has.

Boost the Performance

Another upgrade to consider is to boost your car’s performance with a turbo kit. If your older car is on its last legs but you’re hoping to add substantial gains to its performance, buy a turbo kit. These turbochargers significantly boost a car’s horsepower without compromising its weight. Putting in a turbocharger can be particularly complicated as it works via a forced induction system, compressing the air that flows into your engine. If installed improperly, it may damage your car permanently. While some drivers do install turbochargers themselves, it’s a good idea to get a professional to install your kit.

Invest in a Bluetooth Stereo

There’s nothing like a Bluetooth upgrade to make any car feel more modern. Say goodbye to having to call or stream music from your handheld phone; with Bluetooth stereo, you’ll be able to stay on the legal side of things should you ever need to take a call or get directions. Likewise, playing your favorite serrations through Spotify or Pandora will be easier than ever with your new Bluetooth connection.

Make your old car into a modern model with these four tips. Keep this information in mind as you consider new ways to perk up your vehicle.


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