Get Smart TV In India With Innovative Features

Advancement in technology has stormed the world of electronic appliances with innovative features. One of the common appliances that almost all of the common people wish to have is the TV. It is the best form of entertainment in all of the homes to have both fun and information. Now they are made thinner and smarter enough to mount it on the wall to experience a theatrical effect in the home. The world of smart TVs from reputed online stores helps people to buy the product at affordable rates. It is nothing, but the innovative features that made smart TVs so hot in the market and favourable among the people. Here are some of the best TVS to select in India.


  1. Mi Led Smart TV 4

With its exceptional rates and exclusive price tags, Mi Led Smart TV 4 has become one of the best options for the people searching for best smart tv in India. The style and beauty are more than enough to arrest the eyes of the viewers and to add the real beauty to the room. Mount it on the wall and be free from the messy cable lines and issues. Technology is used in its maximum level to give the real treat for the eyes in the form of picture clarity and sound.

The frameless designs help the TV to give a complete theatrical effect when it is mounted in the wall. The 55-inch screen with Ultra HD display of 3840 x 2160 gives a fantastic view of the visuals you watch in the TV. Feel you are watching the real world behind the screen. It is powered by 64-bit quad-core processor to handle multitasking between different channels or apps. It is really difficult to find a best smart TV under the rate of 50k other than Mi Led Smart TV 4.

Watch the surprise in flat images coming to life…!

  1. Sony Bravia KLV-40W562D

If you are looking for a decent and complete mid-range smart TV to experience the real form of entertainment in the added aesthetic ambiance of your home, then Sony Bravia KLV-40W562 is the best pick. With its elegance in style and structure, it is more than a TV for you. Mount it on the wall in a comfortable place that gives maximum viewing experience. Then feel your home a mini theatre. Countless people are already enjoying the real excellence and effect in watching the scenes behind the screen with this smart TV. Why can’t you be the next?

Watch the motions in 40 inches LED screen with 1920 x1080 display to get the real pleasure of viewing. Dolby digital technology and quality speaker with 16 w output really gives the maximum clarity in the audio tracks. It supports apps, Facebook, and web browser to enjoy complete features of a smart TV. You can find everything you need including Mirroring, Bravia Sync, SmartView, MHL, Wi-Fi direct, etc. The service provided by Sony is really outstanding, and the rates are really affordable when compared with the features.

Take the decision to make the home a mini theatre….!

  1. Micromax Canvas Full HD LED Smart TV 101cm (40 inch)

It is the screen size that gives the real look and feel of having a smart TV in the home. The next factor everyone will consider is the rate. If you really like to get surprised with the unbeatable rates for a smart TV, then Micromax Canvas Full HD LED Smart TV 101cm (40 inch) is the one to look for. This range of TVs has stormed the online market with surprising rates to make even the people with old CRT TVs to think about getting the Full HD smart TV. You can find almost all of the latest features to enjoy the real experience in this TV.

Full HD 1920 x 1080 display in 40-inch screen supported by the 24W speaker. What else is there to expect from a smart TV to deliver real track in the picture quality and sounds from your wall. Not just the look, but feel the theatre in your home. Watch Blu-ray movies with the highest level of detail accompanied by rich, clear and powerful sound. Other features include wireless smartphone control, WIFI, and USB connection, Quad-core processor, Facebook and social media integration and more.

Smile at stunning viewing experience at surprising rates….!

  1. Samsung 48J6300 Full HD Curved Smart LED TV

Samsung always stands as the superb and most loved name for smart TVs. If you are looking for a unique combination of smart TV features with a curved display, then Samsung 48J6300 Full HD Curved Smart LED TV is the right choice for you. It is hard to find a modern home without an appliance from Samsung. If you take a look to make the statement right, then let this smart TV be the next product from the house of Samsung to your most loved home. It is rich with all of the innovative features to bring the difference in visuals and sounds.

With 48 inch screen to provide a curved display in 1920 x 1080, it really makes feel that you are in the middle of the real excitement. Curved UHD screen provides balanced and uniform viewing experience from all areas of the screen. Dolby Digital Plus and DTS studio sound come to life through 20W speakers. It supports the apps and social integration and when connected to your smartphone, feel that you are in a new world of amazement and adventures. In all terms, this is the best smart TV for the people who love to keep the balance between features and the cost of TV.

Samsung gives the real life to the living room….!

Decision is yours

Now you are better aware of the brands available in best smart tv category in the country. You have the complete freedom to select the right smart TV that adds beauty to your home, entertainment to eyes, and comfort to the wallet. At present most of the people love to have a look at Killerfeatures to find the deals in smart TVs. Let provide fantastic shopping experience!


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