The Amazon Travel Guide: How To Book, Where To Go, and What To Do

Over the last couple of years, The Pantanal wetlands in southern Brazil have replaced the Amazon as the country’s best wildlife destination though river cruises from Belém up in to the country’s Amazon region so far as Manaus (usually) remain popular, even if the wildlife experience is bound.

For backpackers and travelers who wish to hang with local people riverboats taking passengers in hammocks depart daily from Belém to Manaus. They may be cheap, simple and sluggish.

Typically the most popular options for wildlife seeing once the boats reach the less-developed parts are to have a tour on the riverboat from Manaus in the Rio Negro or even to brain upriver to Tefé.

The city of Iquitos is not linked by road to most of Peru but continues to be the best stepping-stone for tours in to the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. From here visitors can either pass fishing boat up to the Pacaya Samiria Country wide Reserve, or take the Nanay river to the Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve.

Recently the Manú Country wide Park linked by highway to Cusco and the Tambopata reserve near Puerto Maldonado have become significantly visited. These wildlife reserves offer excellent animals habitats and some decent lodges along with kayaking in addition to the traditional hikes or guided canoes. Both parks can be coupled with Machu Picchu tours. Peru has another Amazon region near Chachapoyas where holidaymakers can explore some interesting historic ruins at Kuelap.

The early portion of the Amazon River in Ecuador is thought to be the site of a few of the world’s greatest biodiversity as well as home to a handful of primitive indigenous tribes. Lodges across the banks of Amazon tributaries have a tendency to be basic and isolated so getting there may be an adventure in itself, by motorboat or small plane, but pricey.

Wildlife tourism is new to Colombia however the Parque Nacional Amacayacu offers Amazon animals tours through the rainy season to rival any others and lower visitor statistics so wildlife spotting is a lot easier.
This amazon river cruise peru trip guide offers specific insights so that they can compare cruises in each region. Many travelers to Ecuador and Peru will combine their Amazon travel with travel to all of those other country while Brazil cruises have a tendency to be considered a standalone holiday. Compare Amazon outings throughout Ecuador, Peru and Brazil using our Amazon guide below, and then contact one of our own Adventure Specialists for further customized information.

Why Go to the Amazon?
Most aspect travelers offer an Amazon vacation on their bucket list. The name conjures up images of incredible birds, playful monkeys, dizzying biodiversity and colorful indigenous civilizations. But many travelers are intimidated by the idea of insects, mud, rain and exotic heat. Small ship cruises make the Amazon more accessible, with comfortable accommodations, delightful cuisine and air-con aboard most vessels. Every day explore off of the dispatch with expert naturalist tutorials on small art excursions, rainforest hikes and town visits. Watch out for birds and animals at remote clay licks, explore the abundant wildlife on rainforest canopy towers and meet local people in remote villages. With the day’s end retire back again to the dispatch for a bathtub, a nice food and an educational lecture while the ship moves on to another exciting location. Ships are simply perfect for travelers who wish to experience the wildness of the Amazon without compromising comfort and service.

Plan Ahead!
If you’re planning an Amazon small ship luxury cruise then plan your trip at least 4-8 weeks in advance. Reserve 9-12 months out for holiday break cruises. Booking early on provides the best variety of boats, cabin categories and travel schedules and you may save with early-booking savings. Many travelers incorporate their sail with a tour of Machu Picchu in Peru or the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, which can require more complex planning for the best blend of sail and land options. A recently available upsurge in capacity aboard Amazon cruises has made occasional last second cruises available, but don’t depend on it if you wish the selection of cabins and schedules.