Septum Piercing: What You Need to Know Before Getting It Done?

Are you planning to get the septum piercing done? I am sure many of you are eagerly waiting to get it done. Believe me this septum piercing looks really cute, but there are certain things that you need to know before getting it done. Continue reading to know what they are!

  • Pain: It is common to experience pain during septum piercing. However, this pain doesn’t last for more than 24hours in most of the cases. Prepare your mind for this, and stay relaxed. Remember, this pain is not unbearable as many of you think.
  • Piercer: Choose an experienced piercer to get your piercing done smoothly, with very less pain. Keep in your mind that untrained and inexperienced piercers can make errors. Hence, make sure that you think twice before making your appointment with any piercer. In short, check the reviews of different piercing professionals in online and then take a decision.
  • Scarring: Many people worry about the piercing scars unnecessarily. Believe me these piercing scars generally fade away as the days goes on. Hence, you need not worry about the scars any more now. The best part of this piercing is, the hole will not be visible outside in the case of septum piercing.
  • Healing: Everybody’s body is different. In fact, the healing time generally differs from one person to the other person. It all depends on their body. Septum piercing takes around 4 to 6 weeks to heal completely. Be patient, and wait until it heals completely if you are planning to try different varieties of septum rings.
  • Cosmetics, Soaps and Sprays: You should avoid using any cosmetics, sprays and soaps on the piercing to prevent any infection. It may also take more time than usual to heal, if you use such products.
  • Friends and Family Judgements: Everybody will have a different opinion about piercing. In fact, some may like it, and some may not like it. Some may give you compliments, while some may comment on your look. Take those comments positively and move forward. Remember, it is your life and you have all the rights to live the way you want. If you like something, give it a try.
  • Jobs: Most of the companies don’t encourage facial piercings. Don’t worry! You will not have any problem in the case of septum piercing because you can simply flip your septum jewellery inside, in such a way that it is visible outside.

Where can I buy the septum ring?

We have plenty of stores online which offer septum rings in different metals and designs. However, it is always better to do a little research before buying any product, to avoid ending up buying the wrong ones, which causes skin infection. Here is a suggestion for you from my side, if you want to find the best rings while saving your money and time. Pierce Off is a great store online, where you can find the best piercing jewellery at a very affordable price. Do check their site today and you will definitely love their piercing jewellery!

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