Following Distances – How to Avoid the Possible Tailgating Accidents?

Rear end collisions are one of the commonly registered car accidents in Australia. Such kind of collisions happens when the car following another car or vehicle, does not maintain the suggested distance between two vehicles.

Normally, it is considered that the tailgating accidents are caused by two kinds of drivers,

  • Aggressive drivers
  • Drivers who enjoy driving too closely to the cars that are in front of their vehicle.

There is actually a group of third type of drivers responsible for the tailgating accidents. These drivers will not be having the idea about the actual distance that should be maintained between two cars, while driving.

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Following Distance

Sudden braking is common while driving. When a car comes to a sudden halt while on road, then it makes the cars that are following behind to apply the brake, in order to avoid the possible chances of collision. The space that should be maintained between two vehicles is known as the following distance.

Calculating the Tailgate Distance

The distance that should be maintained between two vehicles will normally be measured in meters, whereas the distance between two vehicles in motion is calculated in the term of seconds.

For instance,

  • While parking your car, you should make sure that you have maintained a certain distance between your car and the car that is parked in front of you. This will avoid the chances of accidental collision, when the car leaves the parking area.
  • While driving, you can keep a lamppost or a tree for reference. Calculate the time duration within which your car and the car that is travelling before you crossed the same tree or lamppost. This will help you maintain the distance of certain seconds between the two vehicles.

Handling the Tailgaters

Even though you have maintained the safe distance between your car and the vehicle that is travelling before you, your tailgater might not be following the same rules. In order to avoid tailgate collision with the vehicle that is following you, it is suggested to keep a closer eye on your rear-view mirror while driving.  This will surely help you with safeguarding your vehicle from possible chances of collision with the tailing car, when you apply sudden brake.

If the tailgating vehicle does not maintain the required distance between the vehicles while driving, then it is suggested to slow down your car, change the lane and let the tailgater overtake your vehicle. This will surely save you from the chances of spending some amount in future because of the tailgate accidents that might happen in future.

Follow traffic rules without neglecting even a single rule. Stay safe while driving and enjoy a peaceful drive all the time.

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