Stay Calm During Driving Test Nerves as It Impacts the Mental and Emotional State of Mind

Every year thousands of motorists are injured in Australia. High speed and lack of driving experience is the major contributor in driving accidents. Majority of areas in Australia are full of youngsters and young drivers. They all are tempted to drive irrationally and most of them don’t understand the power of their steering. This is why driving lessons are important to understand the capability of your car and action.

Victoria is known for expansive roads and freeways, which make driving easier and convenient. However, the road rules of Victoria and its suburbs are different from that of other cities in Australia and other countries. For example, St. Kilda is the inner seaside suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, which has trams and light rail lines and modes of transportation. Bike lanes are also provided to bike riders to minimize the chances of drive accidents. Still, Australia is majorly dependant on cars for transportation.

Pass First Go provides driving lessons St Kilda that enable a learner to know everything about road rules, signs, markings, safety, and best practices required for driving in Victoria. All their trainers are well aware of the area, which makes driving lessons on Vic Roads easier. With Pass First Go, you will find an experienced instructor from the best driving schools in St. Kilda.

Driving tests can indeed be pressuring. There is the desperate need of driving the test in one attempt, if you fail, the entire process restarts. Getting a driving license is the biggest step in life. Almost all first-time drivers go through this pressure phase.

Generally, people in Australia start driving lessons at the age of 16. This is tender age when youngsters are still learning many things in life. Getting panicked or nervous even with the smallest thing is normal in their life. Therefore, to avoid the feeling of stress and anxiety they should cope with few strategies.

  • Find an instructor who understands your problems and nervousness. It is good to talk to someone to deal with the scary experience with the right instructor, who can convince and console at right time.
  • Breathe regularly because going in stress mode can often disturb your breathing frequency. Regular breathing keeps you calmer, so sit up straight, and inhale-exhale properly.
  • If you get nervous after entering the car, it is best to spend more time inside it to overcome your fear. You don’t need to drive every time, but sitting and watching a series or talking over the phone is enough.
  • To achieve a driving license, you should divide your goals into segments, this way achieving one goal at a time will encourage you to move further. For example, first excel in car parking, then reverse parking, master in roundabouts, car forwards and parallel parking, etc.
  • To become a better driver, you should learn from your mistakes and overcome them instead of discouraging and destroying everything. If you know you’ve made a mistake, you can look for solutions, reflect it in the logbook, and talk to the instructor to improve it.

All the tips mentioned above to calm driving test nerve is about mental and emotional conditioning. You can also try some thinking and physical exercise so that you do the right thing.


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