Know About Various Checklists For Your Window Replacement

Most homeowners are a little hesitant to replace their old windows. However, the process of replacing your window is not that difficult as most of us may think. If you plan the whole execution properly then it will be really a very smooth operation.

Whether you prefer to install vinyl windows or any Low E-glass window, a little bit of preparation and also a little research can make a lot of difference during the process of installation.

The following are a few checklists for window replacement Woodbridge that will be useful for you to know when you are working with a professional company like Cedar Hills Contracting.

Research the company

  • Know their contact person with contact number
  • Number of years in the business
  • License status
  • Insurance coverage proof
  • BBB rating
  • Any waiver of subcontractor’s lien
  • Customer referrals

Window types

  • U-factor
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low-E glass
  • Material (whether aluminum, vinyl, wood, fiberglass)
  • Solar heat gain
  • Double pane vs. triple pane
  • Energy Star qualifications
  • Interior and exterior color of the trim
  • Warranties (for manufacturer,  glass, labor, etc.)

Installation and other job details

  • Whether employees and staff work on an hourly rate or do they hire subcontractors?
  • Whether any company representative will be present while the job in progress?
  • Whether the contractor will insulate around your new window frames?
  • Whether the contractor will remove and discard the old window frames? Or will it be our responsibility to dispose of them?
  • Whether the contractor do the complete cleanup of debris?
  • What will the contractor do if woods are found to be rotting?
  • Whether the contractor will apply touch-up paints to the interior in case it is required?
  • Whether the contractor will remove curtains and blinds, and again re-install after the windows are fitted back?
  • How long the contractor will take to complete this job?
  • What will be the tentative start date and end date?
  • Whether the contractor will offer any post-installation walk-through?

Finalizing the contract

  • Everything must be in writing!
  • Know the cost of each window.
  • Know the other options for cost per window and also the cost for repair of the rot.
  • Get all the printout of all the payment schedule
  • Obtain all signed copies of the payment contract and schedule.
  • Ask about the 3-day “right of rescission,” that will allow either party to terminate the agreement contract within a certain specified time limit.

Post-Installation walkthrough

After the new windows are completely installed, ensure that you must do a complete post-installation walk-through along with the contractor for ensuring the following:

  • Proper installation of insulation around frames
  • All windows are properly sealed and also caulked sufficiently
  • No screens and windows are found damaged
  • All the exterior part is complete and new cladding/touch-up paint have been applied.
  • All the interior is fully complete and no damage is found on the walls and also on the application of all touch-up paints.
  • All the locks are working properly
  • All windows are operating as they should normally operate.
  • All the windows have been checked twice.

To make sure that you will get a superior installation of replacement window you must ask questions and also follow up on various concerns.


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