Boost the Efficacy Of CBD With Fatty Foods

CBD (Cannabidiol)is popularly being used to treat numerous health conditions without causing any dangerous side effects. CBD is one of the components of cannabis plants and hemp-derived CBD has only traces of marijuana content THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)i.e., lesser than 0.3%, and doesn’t cause the “high”.

Knowing about the health benefits of CBD, you may be curious to learn how to maximize the benefits when you include them in your daily routine. When it comes to choosing CBD, you need to understand the bioavailability before shopping for it so that you can choose the best option that suits your need.

If you are new to CBD, you may be confused by too many questions like, is CBD oil legal? Is it safe? Where to buy them? And so many other questions! You can be sure that hemp-derived CBD products are safe and legal and you can buy genuine products from Just CBD Store that is a transparent company that sells organic products that are third-party tested.

You can have CBD in a variety of ways. It can be ingested orally either as capsules or edibles, inhaled, taken sublingually as tinctures or oils, or even applied topically to the skin. Each method will have a different amount of bioavailability and also, the amount being absorbed by the body will vary depending on how you consume them.

Bioavailability means the amount of drug that successfully reaches the bloodstream after ingesting. Usually, oral administration has generally very limited bioavailability because of the first-pass metabolism. CBD is broken down by the body and needs to pass through the digestive system before getting processed by the liver.

However, there is nothing to worry about the bioavailability. The safest method to consume CBD is to, start with a low dose and take it as and when you need it instead of having a single large dose. Have it during the morning, around lunchtime, and before going to bed.

Here is a rough idea of how long CBD takes to reach the bloodstream.

  • Tinctures when taken sublingually, takes around 20 minutes
  • Capsules and edible CBD takes up to two hours
  • Topicals may take minutes to hours
  • Vapes are so effective and take effect within few minutes of inhaling.

Try using different methods of taking CBD. Pay attention to how you feel for each dose and consuming methods.

Another best way to improve CBD absorption is to include it in your eating schedule. It may be confusing to decide whether you should take CBD with food or without food. You will understand it better when you know how CBD is digested. Studies show that taking CBD along with food increases its bioavailability and is the best way to avoid the first-pass effect.

Studies show that when you consume CBD along with fatty foods, the body absorbs four times more CBD than when you consume it on empty stomach. When you include CBD with certain types of foods, it will be easy to bypass the first-pass metabolism and the loss of CBD concentration is limited.

So, when you take CBD, have it along with food items including, coconut oil, olive oil, fish, nuts, avocado, meat, and eggs. Get more creative and enjoy your CBD meals.

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