Video Surveys – The Best Way To Understand Your Customers Emotions

Surveys and Feedback work the best for businesses to grow. Any organization must understand and critically analyze customer experience. However, the same old survey forms and feedback sheets do not help gain more insights.

It is indeed beneficial for businesses to focus more on intense and innovative survey methods. Taking leverage of clients’ familiarity with the technologies works wonders too. Engaging video presentations and surveys are of prime importance these days.

How can a Video Help know the pulse of the customer?

Video is the premium medium for people to communicate effectively with family and friends. Commonly, people create short videos of day-to-day life. Your kid playing football or performing yoga or any prize moment is captured. Using the same platform to understand customer experience helps you make informed decisions about your product or service.

Qwary the nation’s best market research firm utilizes video surveys to support organizations to make highly profitable and well-informed decisions. AI-driven tools help a lot in understanding market trends. Organizations’ keen focus is on ROI and the firm helps you increase it in a short span.

Tap Customer Emotions

The old format of receiving feedback about the product or the service is not effective anymore. It is data that is filled with no proper thought. At the same time, if the product is of average standard and if it does not meet your expectation, your feedback in the form does not filter that crucial information for the organization.

However, using a video or a presentation to express feelings can help you get more in-depth knowledge of the customer experience. Thereby, you can understand the products’ quality too.

Create an Experience

Sharing experience verbally is more entertained these days. The subtle problems were also highlighted. Moreover, people love to involve themselves in media. Talking on social media increases their factor of importance. The companies must utilize such platforms or take professional help from consultancies to allow the customers to share their experience about the product.

Customer Issues Can be Addressed Real-time

Sharing the feedback instantly happens through video surveys. Imagine, will you be interested in filling a questionnaire after a purchase? But, at the same time, you would love to share your previous experience with the product or the service. Moreover, the emotions and experiences shared by the customers can happen at any time.

With the advent of mobile applications, customers can give reviews any time in the day. The best part is, you can connect with the customers and address the issue. This will increase your brand image and customers’ trust too.


Gaining insights into customer experience becomes vital for any business to grow. Rational rating of products is fine, but subjective feedback on the experience will give you a lot of ideas to implement. More importantly, you are allowing the customers to voice out in their own words. That means to say, you are not being rigid in just asking questions and expect closed-ended answers.


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