How To Get Your Music On All Streaming Platforms(Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal etc!)

It is not easy to get your music on Apple music. Plus, there is no single method to upload your music to Spotify, TikTok, and others. So, do you want to gain an audience from all platforms? It can be a big boost for your music and sales. Also, you can earn more fans and money. Many websites now offer to get your music on various platforms using a single website. It is why the MusicDigi website is becoming ever more popular for new artists. You can handle all the uploads using one site with all the reports that you require.

What can you do to share music on streaming platforms?

The idea of using a single site for streaming music is new and valuable for many artists. So, what you can do is a sign with a website like MusicDigi. You will be able to get your music on TikTok, Spotify, Apple, and others. Making an account is easy. You have an email account and other information which you can use. Also, you can choose your cover art for uploading with songs. There is no upload limit for the number of tracks. It takes a few minutes to do all this. When you complete the account creation, you can get music on Tidal by a simple upload.

It is easy to release as many tracks on multiple platforms. Therefore, you can concentrate on creating more music that you love. These websites are providing a great service for upcoming musicians. Most newcomers do not know the best platforms for releasing songs and how to sell music online. When you sign up with these sites, the site is responsible for sharing your music. So, whichever platform you select, it will post the track on it. It can be iTunes, Spotify, TikTok, or any other that you choose. What about the stats? There is an entire window for that.

How can I check the stats and reports?

Checking the stats and reports is easy. The websites like MusicDigi help you increase popularity using multiple tools. There will be daily reports for the addition of fans and from where they are. Thus, you can share music tracks with global viewers. People love to listen to new and innovative music. That is why there are many streaming sites with a large following. Paying some subscription fee once a year for this service seems fair. All of the rights will be of the artists. Also, they will earn when people download music. Therefore, it is the best idea for uploading music at a low cost.


If you create music, you can benefit from using an online service that promotes it. There are many popular forums that can help promote your songs. The popular MusicDigi is one of these sites. It has all the tools and services that can help you share your music on multiple popular sites. Spotify, TikTok, Tidal, iTunes are only a few among many. You can sign up and pay a trivial amount each year for services. When you earn from every single download, it becomes easy. So, you have the chance to reach every single trending stage for your music.


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