Compare Online Health Insurance Quotes. How the Internet is Making It Easier To Find Cheap Insurance in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country with a strong healthcare system. It is however, just like most things in Switzerland, quite costly and nearly impossible to afford if it is not planned well.

Similar to healthcare in other developed countries, it is funded through individual insurance, not government subsidies. Swiss people are very fond on insurance. Nearly everything can be covered. The Swiss Federal Healthcare Act makes it mandatory that all Swiss have health insurance. Permanent and temporary residents must have basic insurance from one government-approved insurer. If you do not sign up, one will be assigned to you. It may be too expensive for you and you might not need it.

The government regulates insurance providers to ensure that premiums are fair and reasonable. The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has recognized the health insurance fund as a non-profit organization providing basic health insurance under compulsory health insurance.

Any of the over 50 Swiss insurance companies can provide compulsory basic insurance. The insurance company will reimburse you for medical expenses retroactively starting from the date you entered the country. After this time, you will have to pay a surcharge and the expenses you incurred will not get reimbursed.

It is important to have insurance in place before you arrive in Switzerland. Here are some things to keep in mind when you begin a Swiss health insurance comparison.

What does basic insurance cover?

Most doctors’ treatments are covered by compulsory health insurance. The physician will let you know if there are any treatments outside your insurance’s scope. You must consider that the basic insurance will cover all services the doctor prescribes, such as physiotherapy and nursing care at home or in a nursing facility, and diabetes management. The insurance also covers x-rays and other analysis if he prescribes them.

Supplementary insurance

After comparing their health insurance, citizens can select supplementary insurance to meet any additional needs. These include premium care, private hospital stays, and many other healthcare services that are not covered by basic insurance.

Online comparison of all aspects of health insurance

Be aware that not all insurance companies offer the same benefits. Only the quality of healthcare offered by different companies is what makes them different. When comparing basic health insurance policies, it is important to compare the reimbursement methods offered by different providers.

Compare Premiums

To make it easy to compare health insurance, the FOPH provides a complete overview of premiums each year. It can be divided by year, canton, EU country, or even Iceland and Norway. The publication can be viewed online or downloaded from the FOPH website.

Be sure to check the Notice Periods

Different policies may have different notice periods. Some policies require three months notice while others only allow for a one-year change. This is why it’s important to read the fine print when you do a comparison of health insurance online.

Take care when choosing supplementary insurance

You should compare health insurance to ensure that you cover all your other needs. You will find that this type of insurance is different from one provider to the next. It is best to begin with your requirements and then select the best option.

Before making a decision on which policy to purchase, make sure you read all terms and conditions. You should be aware that supplementary insurance plans are at the provider’s discretion.

Check out these places

The Federal Office of Public Health regularly publishes relevant information that will allow you to compare health insurance. You can access all data on their website, including a list and overview of premiums.

You will also find the complete list HMO centers and GP networks, which is crucial in order to choose your preferred healthcare provider.


Other than government websites, there are many private health insurance comparison websites [For french version ->] that provide a wide range of tools to check your requirements and choose the best solution. The government agencies tend to focus on data. Private health insurance comparison websites can provide additional information, such as customer satisfaction, which is measured in terms both of responsiveness and flexibility.