Vibrators at Lovify that always satisfy!

It’s easy to adjust the settings of a vibrator when it’s not working properly using a remote, vibrators, or app-controlled vibrator (without halting and having to get back into the groove). It is possible to modify the speed and settings of a vibrator using a remote control. Foreplay, for example, or a date-night meal that will definitely lead to some sex, are all possibilities with a remote-controlled vibrator.

The element of surprise is an excellent addition to the bedroom, but it may be tough to create without it. “Knowing where you want to be touched and how you like to be touched may save a lot of time and effort with a new or present lover,” says one expert. Accessing manual buttons on a vibrator in certain sex positions may be vexing. “Being able to operate a vibrator remotely allows you to attempt more adventurous postures while still getting optimum enjoyment,” Karetsos argues. Thank G for technology.

Lush Bullet Vibrator by LOVENSE

This Bluetooth vibrator allows your lover to operate it from almost anywhere, yet the ultra quiet vibrations will keep your secret secure. Screams of joy, on the other hand, are a different storey.

Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator Paloqueth

This inexpensive discovery is entertaining on its own, but bring it to your next sex session with a male partner to really realise its possibilities. Both of you will feel increased pleasure when the vibrator stimulates your clitoris and g-spot, as well as his shaft and testicles.

Luxurious Love Egg Vibrator Desire

Be warned: in the proper hands, this remote-controlled and app-controlled love egg vibrator may offer explosive pleasure. It has eight wave patterns and 12 intensity levels that may be adjusted. Use it at home or wear it discreetly while out and about to put your poker face to the test.

The We-Vibe Match

Any We-Vibe is a couple’s choice for a reason: it can be used manually or via the wireless remote controller, making it ideal for masturbation to enjoy the We-Vibe  Bluetooth vibrators  because you can configure it to vibrate to your chosen rhythm,” Furthermore, it is “whisper quiet,” so you won’t disturb any, ahem, housemates.

Plus, Leaf Spirit

This panty vibrator has seven different settings, all of which are quiet enough to be used in public.


We’ve had a hard time keeping this mood in stock since its debut! Wild Flower, an online sexual wellness store, is co-founded by her. “The Moxie is tiny, silent, and unobtrusive Bluetooth vibrators —yet potent. It works by employing a magnet to keep it attached to your underwear or clothes, as well as software controls on your phone.

Panty’s Secret Charged Remote

Don’t be put off by the sexiness of these wearable vibrator undies: Put the tiny toy in the crotch of any pair of underwear, then slide the remote-control ring on your finger—or pass it to your lover.

Lyla 2 Lelo Insignia

Insert this “love egg” into your vagina and activate it with the remote. Or, like a reliable bullet, you might rub the vibrating egg about your lady bits for intense clitoral stimulation.



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