How to choose the right gravity conveyor for your application

Many distribution and manufacturing operations depend on conveyors for their lifeblood. Conveyor systems are able to increase efficiency, improve material flow and transform operations.

Accidents decrease when a conveyor system has been installed. Product damage and product breaks are reduced, which in turn makes plants more productive. Safety, security, productivity, and efficiency of your factory or warehouse are all important.

There are many types of conveyor systems. Conveying & Hoisting Solutions helping you choose the right type for your application.

What Gravity Conveyor do you need?

When it comes to gravity conveyors, there are many choices. Conveying & Hoisting Solutions is eager to help you choose the right system for your needs. We only work with the best gravity conveyor manufacturers so we can find the right solution for you. Send us your application and we will customize the solution to meet your needs.

What is a Gravity Conveyor and How Does It Work?

Gravity conveyors are unpowered conveyors that use gravity to move loads. They can be powered by an incline, manual force, or a person pushing the load. The loads are moved along a conveyor line by a series of metal wheels that transport the products from one area to another.

Because gravity conveyors are so popular, they are:

Modular design these modular designs can be used in many industrial environments, even those with limited space or poorly shaped spaces.

Installation is easy they are simple to install and require minimal maintenance.

Cost-Effectiveness: Since there is no power, they are economical and efficient, thereby reducing electricity costs.

Compatibility Because of their simplicity, they are compatible with powered systems. They can also be easily connected to larger systems.

Types of gravity conveyors

Gravity conveyors can be made of metal or composite chutes, rolls, or skate wheel conveyors.

Chute Gravity Conveyor

A chute gravity conveyor, one of the simplest methods of gravity conveyance, is used to link two handling devices, allow the accumulation in shipping areas, and transport items between conveyors at different levels.

These systems have a low coefficient for friction. This allows the material or product to slide easily. They can also be curved or straight depending on the application. This design ensures efficient transportation without any spillage or blockage.

Chute gravity conveyors are relatively easy to use and maintain. They are great for light products and can be used in bulk handling operations such as moving powders or liquids.

Gravity Roller Conveyor

Gravity roller conveyors transport materials on either wheels or rollers. The four types of conveyors available depend on the application and the floor space. They can be straight, curved or spur-shaped, or merged.

Roller conveyors are used primarily in industries that deal with distribution, packaging, and manufacturing. They are made from a series of metal tubes and rollers attached to the conveyor frame. The friction between the rollers, axles, and rollers is very low so it requires little gravitational force for the rollers to turn.

Roller gravity conveyors can be installed quickly, require minimal maintenance and work well when combined with powered conveyor systems.

Skate wheel Gravity Conveyor

In applications that handle lightweight containers or containers with flat bottoms, skate wheel gravity conveyors are frequently used.

These systems are used in shipping, receiving, and assembly. They consist of wheels that are placed on axles and spacers that keep them from shifting from one side to the other. Although the number of wheels that are placed on an axle may vary depending on the item being transported, the minimum number of wheels should be at least 10.

Skate wheel conveyor systems can be beneficial to industries that handle parcels, food, beverages, and other consumable goods.




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