How Do You Choose The Right Logo Mat

Of all the many decisions involved in running a business, there are, the choice of a logo mat may not be the most important.

However, a great first impression can be made with minimal investment by choosing the right logo mat. Also, a poor quality mat or one that is too worn out does not necessarily mean that the business is vibrant.

Although it shouldn’t be too difficult to make the right selection, there are several things to take into consideration.


The budget is an important consideration. Logo mats cannot be considered too expensive. The price will vary depending upon the type of mat.

Coir logo doormats will be less expensive than printed mats – coir, a natural fiber derived from coconut husk, can be used in doormats as well as brushes and scrapes.

An outdoor printed rubber mat for entrance would cost less than an outside brush mat.

The budget doesn’t account for the fact that these mats create an identity for the company that can’t easily be achieved by other means, such as window engraving or signage on the property.

For those with limited budgets, however, printed mats may be a better choice than brush or coir alternatives.

Complexity Design

A logo mat can be designed with complex graphics, but the result will vary.

You can choose the color and complexity of your design with a printed mat. The printer will accurately replicate any design input, so the price is not affected. There is one concern: a complicated design might not produce the tranquility you want.

Coir mats and brush mats are custom-made and can use a smaller number of colors to make the final product. They look sophisticated and elegant but are not available in hot pinks or other luminous colors.

A coir mat, also known as a brush mat, is a hand-made item. This means the product has a unique look.

The location of the mat

You should also consider the placement of the mat when making your selection.

You could also consider whether the mat is on the pavement, inside your building, or a shopping center or mall. A café directly on the pavement may need a brush or a coir mat. These mats have the added advantage of trapping dirt and dust as customers wipe their feet.

A mat placed in an office block, or at a retail center might not have to catch dirt as much. Bright and vibrant may be the most important consideration. A mat placed at the front desk is unlikely to be used for anything other than to identify who is using it.

Outdoor mats have to be resilient to the elements so they are more durable than indoor mats.


It is important to consider the mat’s durability about its location.

Are they the barriers to an expensive floor, and so absorbency must be key if the damage can be avoided as people go onwards in the building.

Lay and lift or recessed?

You can have a mat that is easy to lift and lay wherever you like. But a recessed option will give your space a unique look. It shows your thought went into the design and the mat has been integrated into the flooring, seamlessly blending in.

A recessed rug mat can work great if it is circular in shape, or has a custom design.

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