Lifeline Program Benefits – Free Cell Phone And Discounted Monthly Plans

A mobile phone keeps you connected 24/7 with family and friends as well as stays attached to the world. You cannot imagine life without your mobile phone. Access to emergency services, security, and community resources is crucial for the development and welfare of families and individuals. So, the Lifeline program was introduced to help low-income households stay connected. Discounted internet or phone services help financially challenged households to communicate at low rates.

Assurance Wireless offers eligible households a free cell phone including 250 free texts and 250 free voice minutes every month. For Assurance Wireless clients there are no activation fees or annual contracts.  The national verifier tool on their website helps to determine your eligibility for the Lifeline program. 

The free phone is offered to clients that fulfill the eligibility needs like their household income is less than or at 135% of the federal poverty level or state-specified criteria. Clients can even qualify if they have access to assistance support like Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, SSI, NSLP, LIHEAP, or FPHA. 

The applicant has to provide program participation or income proof along with the Assurance Wireless application. 

Income proof includes any one of the following. The statements must be from the previous 12 months [3 consecutive months] – pay stub, retirement/pension report, veteran’s administration benefits document, social security benefits statement, and unemployment benefit papers. 

You can even submit one of these documents – previous years’ Federal or State income tax return, assistance program participation letter, income statement from your employer, and divorce order or child support paperwork mentioning your income. 

Note: Free featured mobile phone is influenced by state-specified laws and guidelines. 

Applicants’ financial status matters, when they apply for the free phone because the Lifeline program is designed for low-income households. The applicant has to ensure that they qualify before submitting their application. 

The Federal government has introduced a new program ACP or Affordable Connectivity Program because everyone deserves high-speed internet access despite their income. The EBB or Emergency Broadband Benefit was a temporary program started during a pandemic. The federal authorities had introduced it to help lower high-speed internet costs for eligible households in times of crisis. 

Last year, the FCC announced the replacement of EBB with ACP. ACP is a long-term program that will facilitate more and more Americans to experience the internet speed and potential. Eligible households in EBB can get transferred to ACP benefits.

Qualified households can be eligible for $30 monthly benefits, while tribal land residents can get up to $75 towards broadband service on specific plans. Subscribers can receive –

  • Free unlimited texting, data, calling, and 10GB mobile hotspot data every month with unlimited plans.
  • New subscribers will receive a free android smartphone.
  • No contracts
  • Called ID
  • Voicemail
  • Call waiting

Subscribers can use the mobile services according to their specific needs. If they use more data services and airtime then they can top it up with ease. Enter their cell phone number along with the top-up amount. In this way, subscribers can stay connected all the time. 


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