What Do Morale Patches Mean Anyway?

Morale patches can be described as an ornamental military symbol. Experts believe that the blood chit, which President George Washington issued back in 1793, is the first morale patch. The patch was sewn onto military pilots’ flight jackets. World War II pilots were able to create their patches from art found on the noses of their aircraft during the early to mid-1900s. Later, ground soldiers began to design and wear their patches.

Many morale patches were full of profanity, tongue-in-cheek humor, and vulgarity. The military considered them unprofessional. Therefore, the military stopped sewn patches into uniforms. Velcro became the preferred backing, as it allowed soldiers and pilots the flexibility to attach and take off the patches whenever they wanted.

Long-term, Velcro’s switch was very advantageous. It allowed military personnel to be bolder, sarcastic, or humorous. This freedom has been a great way to build comradery and increase spirits in the field. Apart from their main purpose, patches also symbolize important matters such as identification for a specific brigade or division, or any other unit.

Does Anyone Else Wear Patches?

These patches are not only for military personnel but also popular with other nationals such as police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians. Even canine units have morale patches attached to their gear.

Types Of Patches

Velcro is still the most commonly used backing for patches, even though it was used by military personnel decades ago. It’s important to be able quickly to remove the patch. Many uniforms come with Velcro so that patches can be easily attached.

There are many options for morale patches. Although most people prefer embroidered patches, they are also available in woven and dye-sublimation styles.

Order Morale Patches

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Quick Fixes: The History Of Morale Pates

What Is A Morale Pat?

A morale patch is an insignia featuring cheeky imagery or expressions. This insignia builds the friendship of people who share a common experience, goal, or haircut (hah hah). It can be worn on uniforms, gear, and display boards for morale patches.

What Is The Blood Chit?

It is believed that the Blood Chit, first published by George Washington in 1793 is the precursor of morale patches. A blood-chit is a note that military personnel carriers to identify themselves as such and to request any assistance from civilians during times of trouble. For example, U.S. flying units had blood chits for disaster situations during World War II. Some units had blood chits sewn on their jackets.

Where Did Morale Pates Come From?

The morale patch’s history is closely linked to law enforcement and military personnel. To identify themselves during the Civil War, soldiers wore patches that were made by their family members and friends at home. Each patch was hand-embroidered, which meant that it was done individually. This period of history was long before the inventions of sewing and embroidery machines. It was therefore impossible to mass-produce military morale patches. After the First World War, U.S. uniforms did not include military morale patches. The rapid advancement of technology in the Industrial Revolution enabled the production of standardized morale patches to be possible. It was possible to use patches on a larger scale because of the cost-effective and efficient production. The 81st Division Wildcats were authorized to wear the patch during World War I. This was done to identify the division, and boost morale. After an order from General Pershing, morale patches quickly spread to all other divisions. Two decades later morale patches had become a standard part of military uniforms.


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