When A Child Sustains Injuries From A Dog Bite, Are There Any Additional Regulations That Apply?

Yes. If your child is younger than 18, and they were bitten or attacked, they may have different rights to receive compensation. An adult would have the same rights if they were bitten or attacked. An adult would have the same rights as a child. Your child’s rights to claim injury damages if they were bitten or attacked by a pet dog are slightly different from those of an adult. Your child’s injuries are covered by the dog’s owner if they were bitten or attacked by a pet dog. To protect your child’s legal rights, it is important that you follow the following laws.

There is a time limit from the moment of the incident to file a lawsuit against the owner of the dog and anyone else responsible. The incident date is the beginning of this time frame. This window of opportunity to resolve a dispute is called the “statute of limitations”. A civil complaint can be filed with the appropriate authorities by adults who have been bitten or bitten by dogs for up to two years.

However, the time limit for filing a claim can be extended if the claim concerns a minor under 18 who is the subject of the case. Their lawsuit must be filed within two years of the date they turned 18 years old. You should file a lawsuit against your dog’s owner before the statute of limitations runs out. Your child won’t be able to file the same claim as they do now.

Rule Of The Innocence Of The Child

The regulations on comparative negligence provide that those who were bitten by dogs and are partially responsible for the accident are entitled to lower amounts of compensation. If they are found to be responsible for 30% of the total amount, they would be entitled to 70% of the entire amount owed.

Children under five years of age must follow a separate set of guidelines. They are believed to be innocent if they get bitten or attacked. This is because they are still young and don’t have enough experience. They will not be held liable under the laws relating to comparative negligence. This could reduce the amount they receive in compensation for their injuries.

The Court Agrees To A Settlement For A Dog Bite

If your child settles a lawsuit against a dog bite victim before turning 18, they will need to complete a process to get the court’s approval. This is required regardless of whether you decide to go to court to resolve the dispute.

Is it possible that your child was bitten by a dog and suffered an injury? A lawyer who specializes such as Colorado dog bite attorney in dog bite cases will be able to help you ensure that you receive the correct amount from the dog owner and that the settlement is approved by the court. To schedule a consultation at no cost, give us a call. We will talk about the strategies we used to help other families win personal injury claims and the ways we can assist you and your family.


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