Effective Safe Measures to be Used in Your Workplace in the Midst of COVID 19 Pandemic

Slowly everywhere lockdown is being relaxed. Commercial avenues have been granted permission to start work in their premises in the midst of COVID pandemic. Thus, the days of social isolation end and new way of trading sets in. Yes, your work place is sure to see many changes that are quite good and eventually contribute to your company’s prosperity.

Now, during the pandemic times there are a lot of changes you need to do at your work place for benefiting the health of your employees and preventing COVID dreaded virus to enter your workplace.

Here are certain things to do to maintain healthy atmosphere in your work site:

  • Sanitizing the whole working area.
    • You can employ sanitizing and cleaning service providers, who are well known and reliable. In fact, you can ask for a package sanitizing cleaning on monthly basis. It will be a cost-effective deal and you need not have to call them again and again.
    • Make sure few of your office employee sanitize the whole metallic surfaces, sitting and working area of your office before it opens for the rest of the staff for working purpose.
  • Thermal checkup and social distancing should be part of your office norms.
    • No more sitting together closely in official meetings or in canteen. It is always best to provide place for your employees far from each other. You can utilize the space of your corridor and even your garden space to work comfortably.
    • Every few hours employees should be asked to sanitize themselves and of course the body temperature checkup is mandatory.
  • Hand sanitizer, tissue papers and facemask need to be provided at every working desk.
  • Quarantine of the goods should be done before it is moved to arrange in display self.
  • Train your staff members.
    • Awareness to remain clean and keeping the workplace germ free should be initiative purpose of every person in the organization.
    • You need to keep medically certified hand wash product in ample numbers in the wash rooms. Waste bins should be provided more for throwing waste products, used tissue paper and facemasks.
    • Display posters initiating the staff to take care of their body hygiene to remain healthy.
    • You can call a health expert to conduct a training program to explain in detail about the right easy to adapt in maintaining the body hygiene, social distancing and the perfect suitable ways to wear facial safety mask.
    • Your staff members should be well aware of following all the norms stated by the Government that is mandatory to do before going for business trips.

It’s time to prevent the infectious disease to spread further by implying all safety measures while working outside home. One of the basic steps is to wear protective face masks and gloves by all in the workplace. You can provide the best face masks styled trendily following all the WHO rules using organic material that is good for the skin.

You can order face masks in required quantity from popular makers of eco friendly products like Customearthpromos.com. A great help to maintain hygiene in your work area and to prevent employees and yourself from COVID 19.

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