Accessories for Smoking That Every Stoner Should Have

Those of you who are real stoner will probably know that it is important to be always ready when you buy weed. Irrespective of whether you are at your home or enjoying your friends in the park, you want to remain always prepared.

In order to do that, you must ensure that you have all necessary weed accessories readily available with you anytime and anywhere. Here is a list of few must have accessories that every self-respecting stoner will always be having with them.

You can also obtain most of them in any local headshop too, and if you are really interested then you may also visit and buy these accessories online too.

  • Grinder

Grinder is a small canister having “teeth” that you twist for evenly grinding up your flower to create more surface area to burn to get a stronger high.

  • Rolling papers and joint filter tips

Joint tips will allow your joints to stay together. These weed accessories will provide a better airflow via your joint, hence you must always keep these rolling papers.

  • Rolling machine

Rolling machine is a simple device for helping you to easily and consistently make roll into nice even joint. Rolling machine will be handy for both experienced as well as new stoners.

  • A good container

Every stoner must have good method to store his weeds and it will be best to select any air tight container that will keep your weed totally spill-free and fresh.

  • A lighter

All stoners must always keep minimum one lighter at his home or in his pocket. You can get many different types of lighters in the market.

  • Ash tray and also rolling tray

Ash tray will be needed for any smoker and besides that, having rolling tray to roll blunts, joints and spliffs will help in containing the mess and make rolling a lot easier.

  • Odor proof bags

Nowadays, there are many brands that make stylish odor proof bags, which can make transporting weed a lot easier.

  • Bong

Those who are regular stoner know that to smoke weed by using bong will be the best way to enjoy your beautiful and green buds.

  • Good brushes and cleaners

Remember your weed will offer you a better taste if you use better quality of brushes and cleaners to keep all your gear clean.

  • Eye drops

You must always keep in your pocket certain eye drops to avoid red eye effect. Prefer for right quality of eye drops for curing your eyes quickly.

  • One hitter dugout

Dugout is small wooden container having a space for lighter and single joint. It will allow you to stash a joint easily into your pocket.

  • Vaporizer

Smoking weed can be great, but you should also learn that vaporizing can be much better option for you. So, keep any vaporizer, which will protect your lungs.

  • Nuggy multi-tool

Almost like Swiss Army knife that has revolutionized totally the soldier’s daily lives, cannabis-focused 10-in-1 multi-tool Nuggy will also revolutionize smoking experience.

With this little device, you will get help for every small aspects of smoking pot.


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