Taking Care of Your Sensitive Skin Using CBD Oil

A proper skin care routine that will suit your actual skin type needs a lot of trial and error method. Trying to get the most effective makeup removers, skin cleansers, serums, toners and moisturizers needs a lot of work. Moreover, for those who have sensitive skin, it is all the more tough to get the right products. This is where CBD oil steps in.

CBD oil skin care is an easy skin care routine where you need to use CBD cleansers, toners, oil for everyday skin care routine. You can also break your skin routine into morning and night skin care. CBD oil is soothing to any type of skin and has skin regeneration properties.

Understanding the efficacy of CBD oil

7 out of 10 people have reported that they have sensitive skin and most of these people have spider veins, hyperpigmentation, acne, eczema and rosacea on their skin. Cannabidiol is commonly referred to as CBD and it a potent product that reduces inflammation and skin irritation. Not only it is beneficial for highly sensitive skin, but also repairs skin from their cellular structure.

Biological studies have shown that it reduces excessive oil and helps in sebum production of the skin which is great for any type of skin. This means, whether you have oily skin or dry skin, it will be soft and supple.

Nevertheless, topical CBD can be one of the best solutions for any type of sensitive skin. The results that are observed are quite fast than any other natural ingredients. A full spectrum CBD has plethora of benefits that a diluted form. Full spectrum will not have THC in it, but it does have cannabinoids and related terpenes in them. The synergic effect is also known as the entourage effect where both the compounds help each other to perform.

How to buy a CBD oil?

Most of the reputed brands that sell CBD skin care products have full spectrum CBD oil or extract in it. This is because severe skin conditions will not be solved with full spectrum. While you are buying online do not fall for huge discounts and tall claims. Be informed that the extracted process of CBD is very intricate and the cost of the end product will obviously not be very less. Buying a cheap product will only leave you with a bad experience and it may also harm your skin.

How to use CBD oil

It will be great if you already have a moisturizer or else you can buy a regular one depending on your skin type. Since you will be using CBD oil it is best that you opt for water based or gel-based moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid can be the best catalyst for CBD oil. After cleansing and toning add few drops in the moisturizer and massage it in your skin using circular motions.

Or you can also take few drops on your palm rub it and pat it on your skin. This way the warmth of your palm helps in better penetration of the oil. Always remember CBD oil is not a magic potion and you will at least need 4-5 weeks to give your results, depending on your skin type.



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