The 1970s – The Greatest Era in The World of Fashion

The 70s is the time when many fashion trends became the talk of the town. Many famous designers such as Gucci, Victoria Beckham, Chloe, etc., are known to get inspired by the fashion of the 70s before coming up with their latest collection.

Trends in the 70s 

The 70s is the time when some fashion trends from the 60s continued in the fashion town, and yet created a new sensation with the platforms, flares, suede, and fringing. All these later dominated the fashion town and the 70s became the actual trendsetter in the history of style development in the whole world. You can find some of the 70s Halloween costumes still being used and followed to the date.

The common trend in fashion towns in the 70s included crochet dresses, peasant blouses, bell sleeves, tie-dye, bell-bottoms, etc., and all these options became the most preferred type of clothing even by famous movie stars and other such celebrities. You can find some of the celebrities of the 70s wearing these clothing in many of their pictures.

Next came the hippie dressing in the 70s. the off-shoulder dresses, jumpsuits, playsuits, lame gowns, etc., were introduced to the fashion town, which again took over the fashion world and also the world of celebrities in many fields. After these came the skirts, crop tops, which are still being used by many women around the globe on various occasions.

Famous Halloween Costumes of the 70s 

If you look through the photographs that reflect the Halloween trend in the 70s, then you will notice that the costumes were quite scarier and also creepier than the costumes that are preferred today.

Some of such creepy costume types of the 70s are listed below.

  • Tin Man 

The tin man concept was first introduced in the story of “The Wizard of Oz”. It later became one of the most preferred costumes in the Halloween dress-ups.

  • A Bride with the Space Warrior 

Yes, you read it right. Even though there is not even a slight connection between these two characters, the small boy and girl couple preferred getting dressed up in the Star Wars space warrior and a bride costume.

  • The Ghost 

The concept and dressing up was quite simple here. There was no need to look for a special kind of costume. All it required was to drape mom’s veil around the face and tie it up at the base of the neck in such a way that it would not fly away while going trick-or-treating.

  • Spider-Woman with her Princess Sister 

The concept of spider man was quite famous even as one of the 70s Halloween costumes. Not only small boys, but small girls also preferred wearing a spider woman mask and occupied the stroller. Their big sister was the princess that took the little one for a stroll around the neighborhood.

  • Frankenstein Monster Paired up with a Skeleton Friend 

This was the most common and also the most preferred type of dress-up of any two friends in the 70s. Even though it was a bizarre pair, nothing or no one told them otherwise.

When you look through the fashion pages, you will notice many trends from the 70s that were and still dominating the fashion town. Many designer-clothing that is released in the market today are the ones that are inspired by the trend in the 70s.

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