A Guide for Beginners to Candle making

The definitive guide to making four kinds of candles at home

Most treasured memories are of sitting at the table with family at night with just candlelight to illuminate the space. One of favorite scents is the sweet aroma of beeswax. The honey-like hint that hangs in the air instantly makes any room feel warm and cozy. Isn’t it amazing that love making candles at home using beeswax, or any other wax?

Since the beginning of history, candles have been an integral part of religious rituals and practical usage. Both the religious and practical uses of candles would often overlap.

The skills needed to make candles were an important trade. Electricity made candles less popular. It is almost a lost skill to make candles by hand in North America.

Over the past few decades, however, there has been a rise in interest in candle making (and the easy-to-use materials) that has made the process an art. Modern candles do not require the same maintenance as older candles.

Types of Homemade Candles

There are many kinds of homemade candles. Each one is unique.

Rolled Candy

Rolled candles are made out of soft beeswax sheets that can be easily rolled up and not cracked.

Rolled candles are the easiest type for candle-making at home.

Children love making rolled candles. They can decorate the candles with ribbons and flowers.

Container Candles

Container candles are a wonderful craft project for all levels of skill and ages.

Consider these factors when choosing a container. They must be resistant to heat, not leak, and can’t crack or break. Containers include:

Mason jars or Ramekins (or another heat resistant glass container)


You can have coffee or tea in a cup

Ceramic containers

A transparent container can be a good choice for beginners as it helps to cover up any errors or inconsistencies.

Despite making frequent appearances in Interest and craft wine glasses, coconut halves and walnut shells, plastic glass, terracotta containers, and fishbowls are not safe for making container candles.

Once the wick is fully burned out, it’s simple to remove the remaining wax and recycle your container. This is a great way to reuse old candle containers that collect dust and remain unutilized for long periods.

Molded Candles

Molded candles consist of pouring wax into a variety of candle molds. Once it has dried, remove the mold from it. There are many types of molds that you can use for candle making. These include aluminum molds as well as pillar molds and silicone molds.

The mold’s material will determine how much oil you need to use. You can also use vegetable oil to lubricate the mold before adding the wax. Naturally, non-stick silica molds are an exception.

Although molded candles require some learning, once you are comfortable with the process, you will be able to create candles in a vast array of shapes.

Dipped Taper Panels

Dipped taper candles were made by repeatedly immersing weighted candle wicks into hot wax (usually beeswax). You can use one or several wicks at a stretch. To dip two candles at the same time, it is useful to loop the wire.


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