Best Hidden Piercings Types

Although body piercings are becoming more popular with both men and women, some people don’t like them in certain situations. Sometimes, you may need to conceal your piercings for religious or cultural reasons. While body piercings can be accepted, they may limit your opportunities to advance in your career and get a job. This can make it difficult to commit to body piercings. You can have different types of jewelry for you at

You can choose to conceal a piercing if you are unsure about how you will be perceived in society.

Septum Piercing

The septum piercing is a piercing through the cartilage between the nostrils. It’s very hard to miss because it’s right in the middle of your face. Although it looks great, this piercing is not appropriate for school or work. A septum piercing should be kept in place for 6-8 weeks. This means that you are stuck with the septum piercing for that time.

Be assured! It is possible to conceal a piercing! To hide the piercing, all you need to do is to flip your jewelry upwards into your nose. This is why curved or circular barbells are the best choice. They don’t make a full ring and can be flipped into your nose at any time.

Clicker rings are beautiful, but they’re not something you should wear.

Belly Button Piercing

This is one of the easiest piercings you can hide, especially if you don’t like walking around with your stomach button exposed.

The belly button piercing is done through the rim around your navel. It’s usually done above the navel, at the top ridge. However, it can be done anywhere around it. This piercing can be done anywhere there is a fold or “lip” around the navel.

Loose clothing will conceal the bump caused by the jewelry and make it difficult to see. This is perfect for work, as no one will notice it. And if you just want to feel a little more sexy and flirty, this is the right choice. The piercing is here!

Helix Piercing

Although the ears are visible, ear piercings can be classy and stylish. The helix piercing is located on the cartilage in the outer ear. If you have long hair, you can conceal it by setting it up so that it covers your ears.

You can cover your head with a scarf, or wear a hat.

It is easier to conceal jewelry that is smaller or less complicated. Hidden piercings can be difficult to conceal for men who like their hair long.

Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercings have become very popular. They can be a fun and exciting way to make a fashion statement. Although they can be hard to conceal due to their location in the middle of your tongue, it is possible.

Avoid opening your mouth when talking or laughing to conceal your tongue piercing. You can choose a transparent plastic ball or a flesh-colored barbell to conceal your tongue piercings. This will make them less noticeable than jewelry made of metal.

You might also want to avoid going to ice cream with people who are trying to conceal your piercings!

Nipple Piercing

This is a very easy piercing, especially for ladies. It’s not likely that anyone will notice it unless you wear a transparent top or go topless. You might forget to conceal your nipple piercing in such situations.

You can hide nipple piercings with clothes. This piercing can be worn with smaller, more discreet nipple jewelry that won’t poke through your top or bra.

You can conceal large jewelry with thicker clothing like sweaters and denim. Men can do the same thing, but keep your shirt on if you wish to conceal it.

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