How to put together a fairytale wedding theme?

Do you have visions of your ideal fantasy wedding? There are many fantastic alternatives to pick from, so we went ahead and selected some of the finest (meaning those that are easy to duplicate, DIY, or buy on a budget). We’ll go over all of the major wedding categories in this guide, as well as some useful resources, samples, and ideas to get you started. Let’s get started!

Making plans for a fairytale wedding

The difference between arranging a typical wedding and one styled after a fairytale is all in the details. While the fundamental components are the same (you’ll need a dress, location, etc.), your selections will centre on the enchantment and wonder of this spectacular theme. We’ll go through some samples and ideas for various wedding categories that will undoubtedly inspire you!

What colors to use for your fairytale wedding theme?

There are thousands of alternatives for fairytale gowns wedding colors out there, but these three ideas will help you limit your selections.

1. Seasonal color schemes. Colors should be chosen dependent on the season of your wedding. Consider gold or silver glitters with rich reds or blues for winter fantasy weddings. For spring fantasy weddings, search for candy-colored pastels. Choose a dark and moody theme (with black accents, earthy greens, and lacey whites) or vibrant rainbow tones for summer fairytale weddings. Consider rich maroons with pops of pink or gold for fall weddings. Here are some month-by-month ideas we know you’ll adore.

2. Disney princess lands choose your favorite princess and try to imitate her style by using the main colors from the film as inspiration. Here are some more Disney-inspired wedding inspirations to get you started.

3. Actual royalty takes a page from real-life princesses for your fairytale wedding if you want a little more real-world inspiration. The traditional color palettes in these examples are universally pleasing and can be carried off with practically any wedding budget.

Practical locations for your fairytale wedding

Whatever your location, there will be one or more alternatives for hosting your dream wedding. Even while some of the alternatives seem pricey, there are methods to schedule them for less. Alternatively, you may be able to collaborate with a historical institution or non-profit that has access to one of these magical spaces:

1. Forests. As long as the weather cooperates, a fantasy wedding in the woods can be the right venue option for you. Here are some amusing suggestions.

2. Mansions, villas, and estates on any site with a huge ballroom will suffice. Check out vogue’s beautiful selections.

3. Gardens, either public or private. This rustic and charming location is enhanced with fairy lights and fresh florals. Here’s a good checklist for this sort of venue.

4. Backyards. There are several ways to dress up your garden for your fantasy wedding. Take a look at these useful suggestions and ideas.

5. Castles. Castles are the ideal fairytale wedding destination, suitable for both the ceremony and the reception. Here are some of the top possibilities in America.

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