Coins You Must Consider to Invest Your Money In

In a world where everything is now online, money at times seems imaginary. You might have a lot of money in your account but it is no longer a tangible object nowadays. This is the reason why investing in coins is sometimes more satisfying. You go to a store and come out with something that you can hold and feel.

However, many argue that isn’t it crazy to invest in gold, especially in 2022? Well, looking at the demand and supply, it is understood that investing in gold coins is always a good idea. If you are looking for gold coins against your monete d’investimento, consider checking KALITA.GOLD. They sell all the investment-worthy coins, as well as are ready to purchase precious metals at market value.

Advantages of buying gold coins

Investing in gold coins and coins made from other precious metals like silver and platinum is always considered safe. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Gold prices always increase even when other investments decline. This gives your portfolio much-needed stability.
  • Gold is not affected because of inflation.
  • By investing in gold, you can keep your investment discrete. If you want it to be discrete. 
  • You pay no capital gain taxes on gold until you sell it.

Top 7 gold coins to invest in

1. Lince (Spain)

It is the very first coin minted by Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre-Real Casa de la Moneda. It is a limited edition coin since only 12,000 pieces have been minted. It weighs 31.1035 grams and is 999.9 thousandths pure. It is round in shape with smooth edges and a diameter of 37 millimeters.

2. Krugerrand (South Africa).

It is the world’s first coin that has exactly one ounce of pure gold. It is minted at the Rand Refinery in Germiston, and its design incorporates characteristics of South African antelope. It is made from gold (916.7 thousandths) and copper.

3. American Eagle (US)

It is a gold investment coin made from 22-carat gold. Its design consists of the figure of the liberty walking with an American flag wrapped around it.

4. American Buffalo (US)

Along with American Eagle, American Buffalo is the only coin that is guaranteed by American Mint. The coin was issued in 2006. The issuance of the American Buffalo was a milestone as it was the only coin minted by West Point Mint in pure gold 999.9 thousandths (24 carats).

5. Chinese Lunar Year (Australia)

This is a series of coins issued by the Perth Mint (Australia). Each year is dedicated to different animals, and for the year 2022, the character will be the tiger.

6. Britannia (UK)

The Royal Mint minted this coin first in 1987. The purity was 916, 22-carats. In 2013, the purity of Britannia was changed to 999.9 thousandths (24 carats). In 2021, the design was retouched in order to enhance its safety.

7. Canadian Maple Leaf (Canada)

It was minted by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1979. The coin bears the face of Elizabeth II on its obverse, and on the reverse, there is a maple leaf, a symbol of the country. The coin is minted in the purity of 999.9 thousandths (24 carats) and contains no other metal.

Whenever you decide to invest in coins, it is best you buy from a reputed dealer. After all, if you are buying shady sources, there will be no guarantee of authenticity.


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